Special Adapters Allow Trucks With Fifth-Wheel Hitches to Tow Gooseneck Trailers

Bumper-mounted, ball-style hitches are only suitable for use with relatively small trailers and light loads. Pulling a trailer behind a truck when it is attached to the bumper will shift the assembly’s center of gravity backward, sometimes placing it well behind the vehicle’s rear axle. That necessarily puts strict limits on how much weight can be towed this way, with structural considerations often applying, as well.

There are other types of hitches that can be used to up the ante considerably, each of which comes with certain advantages. Both fifth-wheel and gooseneck attachments are frequently found on trailers too heavy and large to be towed using bumper-mounted hitches.

Gooseneck Adapters can even be used to allow trucks with fifth-wheel mounting points to tow the other style of trailer. A high-quality 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter will still convey all the advantages that these types of hitches have over bumper-mounted balls.

Hitches Meant For Heavy Loads

Bumper-mounted hitches are inexpensive, easy to use, and fairly versatile. Many types of trailers can be towed using such connections, making them consistently popular with truck owners.

This type of towing arrangement comes with strict, unavoidable limitations, however. Trailers of more than a certain weight or size must be towed using either fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitches.

Well-designed gooseneck hitch adapters can make trucks equipped for fifth-wheel towing more versatile. A high-quality gooseneck adapter will provide a range of significant benefits, including improvements to:

  • Stability. Although bumper-mounted hitches are convenient, they detract from the stability of the towing vehicle. Attaching a load to the bumper of a truck pushes down on that point, effectively levering the vehicle upward from the rear axle forward. Hitches that mount ahead of that fulcrum allow a trailer’s weight to be distributed more evenly. This contributes to increased stability when towing, heightening both safety and efficiency. While the small amount of instability produced by a lightweight trailer might be tolerated, heavier loads generate unacceptable levels of it unless bed-mounted hitches are used.
  • Capacity. Bumper-mounted hitches are normally rated to bear loads of only a few tons at most. Bed-mounted fifth-wheel and gooseneck hitches can support far greater weights. Adapters intended to convert between fifth-wheel and gooseneck arrangements can keep this limit high if they are designed and constructed appropriately.

An Uncompromising Way to Tow

Pulling a goosneck-style trailer does not need to require overhauling a truck that is set up for fifth-wheel towing. A simple, inexpensive adapter can often be used to make the required adjustments without requiring any unacceptable or significant compromises.

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